Member's Work Retrospective #1 Charlie's Planters

We have been at the business of helping other people succeed with wood working for a good time now. Time to set out a series to catch up on some of the great variety projects done through the years at our shop.

14_03_21 Charlie's Planters 01.jpg

This one is from way back in July, 2014. Charlie started out completely green with one prospective client and a fervent desire to become a woodworker. The three of us met and agreed that I would design a set up for Charlie to use for repeated orders of a small knock down table that Charlie's client had lost his supplier for. Charlie would learn from me in the process. 

In very little time, we were sending other requests from our network to Charlie, and also guiding him through that custom work. Charlie was up to speed to do what you see here within 6 months of his start. Eventually he designed his own product (really nice pedal boards)  and quickly made a success of them on Etsy. He eventually moved on to his own shop on Bainbridge island and thrived. 

Full disclosure: the carving was done in Asia, Charlie did all the rest.


14_03_21 Charlie's Planters 02.jpg
14_03_21 Charlie's Planters 05.jpg
14_03_21 Charlie's Planters 03.jpg