Gallery quality woodwork under our Mentored Rentals program

Who says an amateur cannot turn out gallery quality woodwork?  It just takes the right combination.

Recently we guided an aspiring woodworker through the building of the following media center that defied all expectations for  quality. I am accustomed to the idea that beginners who join us to build their own projects can and do exceed their own expectations by a good margin. This time, it was myself who was amazed. David Budge and I went together to hand pick the walnut for this piece, labeling each cut right in the lumber yard. After that, I instructed, but did very little of the work myself. With only a 25 year old experience in his high school shop class, David translated my instructions and demonstrations into a remarkable piece. I would call this worthy of any gallery level woodworking outlet.
Let the images speak for themselves:

Three Little Rockers

14_04_03 Three Little Rockers 04.jpg

Here is a charming project by Leah Barnum, a recent participant in our Mentored Rentals program. Leah was inspired to make three rockers, one each for three grandchildren. She bought a set of plans on line that were described as an "easy" project. HAH! Rocking chairs are one of the most difficult woodworking projects you can do. With a bit of help from me, the indomitable Leah Barnum pulled this off like a trouper.

14_04_03 Three Little Rockers 03.jpg
14_04_03 Three Little Rockers 05.jpg
14_04_03 Three Little Rockers 01.jpg
14_04_03 Three Little Rockers 02.jpg
14_04_03 Three Little Rockers 06.jpg

Tahle Patton’s Beautiful Credenza

This is some recent work by Tahle Patton of Grainlab Furniture, one of our full time furniture makers. I told her I consider it the best piece of hers that I have see so far and I mean it for true.
It will be in the upcoming “Lost and Found” show at Northwest Woodworkers Gallery at 2111 First Avenue, Seattle. The opening for the show is on July 12, 2013 from 5:00 to 8:00. If you love fine woodworking, don’t miss this one.

Volunteer Build: A Loft Bed to Help my Landlady

My landlady Roberta is on a fixed income and lost a big piece of it recently. She was not able to make her monthly mortgage payments. However she did have an office room that she could rent if we could find a place for her office. We decided to build a loft bed in her bedroom to make room for the office. There was no money, and I had almost no time, so we offered a free woodworking class.

From this we received: Education for the students, a cash flow for Roberta, a beautiful piece of work for me to show off, and everybody had a great time!That is my landlady in the blue, and some of the volunteers/students who made this happen.