A New Mentoring Service, perfectly aligned with what we do

I have been working with a new sharing economy start up called Smartner. Mitchel Fox is the inspiration behind this idea for sharing knowledge through mentoring. He contacted me out of genuine curiosity regarding how it works here at IsGood. We met and found much common ground. Most of us have heard the old adage: Give someone a fish, you fed them for a day, teach them to fish, and you feed them for a lifetime. That is what we do.

We are very happy to have this resource, have made very good use of it, and most importantly love the connection to one on one help for multiple disciplines. It expands on our focus on woodworking perfectly.

You may come here to be guided through creating a kitchen remodel, a van conversion, or a timber frame patio roof.

18_08_08 Omnibus.jpg
15_11_22 Timber Shed, Paul 13.JPG

Would you like to be able to also tackle the plumbing, electrical, electronics, or putting a standing seam metal roof on that beautiful timber frame? Smartner can take you there.

The Wood Mentor gets Mentaled on Marketing

18_10_10 Jack Henry Mentoring 01.JPG

When I first met with Mitchel I was ready with a request that was a bit outside the box: DIY Marketing. Mitchel went right to work and found me exactly what I needed in the person of one Jack-Henry. Jack-Henry arrived and went right to work dispelling the fog of Google Analytics and Google advertising with some very key advice about just how these systems are organized. That is something that is almost always overlooked by tutorials, and is essential as a staring point for a speedy learning curve

18_10_10 Jack Henry Mentoring 02.JPG
18_10_10 Jack Henry Mentoring 03.JPG

After that, Jack-Henry laid out for me a very clear map for social media posting, including how this web site would like to play with the social media sites. We will be adding instagram, and I will be continuing to learn the nuances of how to feed them all. It turns out that Jack-Henry can and will also be advancing my knowledge and skill with Photoshop and our video editing program, Premier. I have what I have been seeking for years.

18_10_10 Jack Henry Mentoring 04.JPG
18_10_10 Jack Henry Mentoring 05.JPG