Our Mentoring  is use of the shop and equipment with additional hourly charges for advice, instruction and hands on assistance as desired. We tailor our instruction to strike a balance that you choose between a broad learning experience and production. We have had people do projects as simple as a cutting board, and as complex as a full kitchen, bath, and pantry with great success, including people of all experience levels.

Our rate for mentoring is $65 an hour. Again, we decide together what will work best for you. Sometimes all that is needed is a few words about your plans and some pointers, and we have also done full sets of shop drawings, a parts list, and “how to” advice for a full kitchen. 

(Mentoring charges will increase to $70 an hour on Sept 1, 2019)

Examples of Mentoring


Here's a short clip from a past mentoring session. The client came in with a rough sketch and left with a completed box, complete with fingerlap joints. This is a prime example of why having an experienced woodworking over your shoulder can make such a big difference.