Requirements Common to all Rental Plans

All subscription plans and short-term rentals require a signed waiver of liability, and to be certified on the equipment you will be using.  You choose which equipment to be certified for based on the needs of your projects. Certification mentoring is one-time and is billed at $65 per hour. Most people can be certified on their choice of machines in 1.5 - 3 hours.  

Examples of average certification times


Sliding panel saw 45-60 min
Jointers: 15-45 min
Planer / Wide belt sander: 20 min


The time it takes to be certified may vary with your your experience. If it's your first time seeing a table saw, it will take a little longer. If you have experience, the teaching may be focused more on safety protocol and processes specific to our shop.

Tools Requiring Certification Prior to Use:

  • Jet wood Lathe 12” x 32”

  • Drill press

  • Griggio shaper & power feed

  • Grizzly 18” wide belt sander

  • Pneumatic drum sander

  • Line boring machine

  • SCMI Edge Bander

  • Spray booth -for water based finishing only

  • Oscillating spindle sander

  • 20” disc sander –Jet

  • SCMI sliding panel saw with 10’ travel

  • Griggio 24”(height of cut) Griggio band saw

  • One additional band saw

  • Powermatic (titling arbor) cabinet Saw

  • 12” Jet table saw

  • 20” Grizzly planer with spiral knife head

  • 14” Planer

  • 12" Jointer

  • 8” jointer

  • 2 chop saws