Subscription Plans

If you work at IsGood regularly, a subscription offers a better value per hour.  You get the best effective hourly rate by using up all your hours each month, because there is no rollover of hours. It does not matter if you take your time in small sessions, as long as you use your hours.

  • 8 hours a month $80.00 - ($10.00 per hour)

  • 20 hours a month $160.00 - ($8.00 per hour)

  • 50 hours a month $295.00 - ($5.90 per hour)

Perks included:

  • Bins of donated cutoffs and sometime full size wood and plywood for free

  • Free hardware and supplies in small quantities (glue, screws, hinges)

  • Short-term storage (2 months) of active projects

  • Use of custom jigs and tool add-ons

  • Community hand tools and safety wear


  • Purchase blocks of additional hours at any time - expire 30 days from purchase date

  • Access to additional mentoring by appointment

  • Rent private storage for tools and supplies

    • $30/month - 30” wide, 24” deep lower cabinet storage with one upper drawer

    • $45/month - 26 x 48” work bench on wheels that you may customize

    • $45/month - 32” wide, 84” tall, 16” deep tall cabinet with adjustable shelves


  • A minimum 3 month commitment

  • A calendar month's notification for cancellation

  • A security deposit equal to 1 month's rent